A Prescription for my Heart

I recently had to visit the urgent care (I'm fine, sinuses...) and the doc told me his elementary school librarian was his favorite person and that she instilled a burning love of reading in his heart and definitely shaped who is he today. So I cried. He then went on to say he's really sorry about all we have to juggle these days and then thanked me for all the things he can only imagine I do each day for my students. Oh my heart 

I read the book, "The Invisible Boy," by Trudy Ludwig this week in classes. It felt like a good time for the message. And I admit, I have felt a bit invisible lately, returning to the library with such mixed emotions, dealing with an unpaid maternity leave, insurance and FMLA issues and medical bills, juggling a small business, a job and three babies, the tragedy in Florida and some sad news out of my school building too. I'm not sure people "see" what a difficult job we have, as mothers and especially teachers. 

In the book, Brian  becomes more colorful as people "see" him. My students all noticed right away. They all pledged to small acts of kindness to make their world more colorful and to notice those who need a friend most. 

I walked out of that clinic the other night feeling great (despite a sinus and few ear infections). I went in for my nasty cold but my hear tog some much needed medicine too. 

Small acts of kindness in the most unexpected places. I just love it. 

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