One Year Anniversary

It's hard to believe it's been a year since we bought Blooming Kids. A lot has changed and much has stayed the same these past twelve months. Our goal was to learn and listen this first year before making big changes. 

We've focused on listening to customers feedback and 'wants' regarding shopping in the store. We've added a "gender neutral" section for families who are waiting to find out the gender of their babies. (I so admire you, btw) We've added products to our website so customers can shop us anytime, anywhere. We've opened up buying to more flexible hours to allow for easy drop offs and we've added new makers to the shop, to provide the community with more locally made goods. 

We've largely kept our buying structure the same, with consignment and store credit options. We'll be working on making that process more efficient in the coming year. We're working on some exciting new things such as baby registries, bookings for baby showers, subscription boxes and more! We're excited to see where the next year takes us and this amazing little shop. 

As always, we've been so humbled and grateful for the community that is Tacoma. It's what led us to settle down here almost ten years ago and raise our family here and it continues to amaze us as we are now on the small business ownership side. I've found that the people here rally around you, are loyal and it really give us that "small town" feel both Justin and I grew up with. We love all the conversations we've had that start as "Oh, you guys are friends with so-and-so, s/he are my neighbor/coworker/nanny/beer drinking buddy!" 

Thank you for your patience as we get one year behind us. We certainly thought the only thing we'd have to focus on was the shop but were surprised with TWO pregnancies (see other blog posts), a new (other) job, a new house and So. Much. More. Excitement (for lack of a better term) Whew! But we did it and couldn't have without our loyal customers and community support.

Big thank you, Tacoma. We love you! 


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